Galatians Commentary
Galatians Text


Structure and Outline

I. Introduction (1:1-9)
II. Paul's Gospel and Authority (1:10-2:21)
III. Faith Alone Against Works-Gospel (3:1-5:12)
IV. New Life in the Spirit and Love (5:13-6:10)

I. Introduction (1:1-9)
A. Salutation (1:1-5)
B. No Other Gospel (1:6-9)
II. Paul's Gospel and Authority (1:10-2:21)
A. Setup: Man's Gospel, Paul's Past (1:10-14)
B. Calling: Proved by Independence (1:15-24)
C. Gospel: Apostolically Affirmed (2:1-10)
D. Authority: Properly Resists Peter (2:11-14)
E. Justification by Faith Alone (2:15-21)
III. Faith Alone Against Works-Gospel (3:1-5:12)
A. Works of Law or Faith? (3:1-9)
B. The Law Falls Short (3:10-14)
C. Law and Promise (3:15-22)
D. Bondage and Freedom (3:23-29)
E. Slaves and Sons (4:1-7)
F. How Can you Turn Back? (4:8-11)
G. Concerned Appeal (4:12-20)
H. Hagar and Sarah (4:21-31)
I. Faith Working through Love (5:1-12)
IV. New Life in the Spirit and Love (5:13-6:10)
A. Spirit and Flesh (5:13-26)
B. Keep Watch and do Good (6:1-10)
C. Final Warning and Benediction (6:11-18)



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