I. Genealogy and Birth of Jesus (1-2)
II. Preparation for Ministry (3-4)
III. Teaching and Miracles of Jesus (5-16)
IV. Service of the King in Jerusalem (17-25)
V. Passion, Death, and Resurrection (26-28)

I. Genealogy and Birth of Jesus (1-2)
A. Genealogy of the Messiah (1:1-17)
B. Birth of the King (1:18-25)
C. Visit of the Magi (2:1-12)
D. Flight to Egypt (2:13-23)
II. Preparation for Ministry (3-4)
A. Ministry of John the Baptist (3:1-12)
B. Baptism of Jesus (3:13-17)
C. Temptation in the Wilderness (4:1-11)
D. The King Setting Up (4:12-25)
III. Teaching and Miracles of Jesus (5-16)
A. The Sermon on the Mount (5-7)
B. Jesus' Power over Sickness and Satan (8)
C. Calling of Matthew; More Acts of Power (9)
D. Sending Forth of the Twelve (10)
E. The rejection of Christ (11-12)
F. Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven (13)
G. The King’s Herald Slain (14:1-12)
H. Our King Gives a Great Banquet (14:13-22)
I. The King Ruling Winds and Waves (14:23-26)
H. Our King Combating Formalists (15:1-20)
K. Our King and the Woman of Canaan (15:21-28)
L. The King Gives Another Banquet (15:29-39)
M. Assembly and His Chosen Sign (16)
IV. Service of the King in Jerusalem (17-25)
A. Transfiguration and Christ's Sufferings (17)
B. Behaviour in the Kingdom and Assembly (18)
C. About divorce; the rich young ruler (19)
D. Vineyard; Christ's Sufferings; Sons of Zebedee (20)
E. Jerusalem Entry; Husbandmen Parable (21)
F. Marriage Parable; Pharisees, Sadducees (22)
G. Seven Woes on Scribes and Pharisees (23)
H. The end times: Israel and its remnant (24)
I. Christendom and the nations (25)
V. Passion, Death, and Resurrection (26-28)
A. The Passover and Arrest of Jesus (26)
B. Condemnation, Crucifixion and Burial (27)
C. Resurrection; Commission to disciples (28)



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