Part One: The Doctrine of God

The Being of God

I. The Existence of God

II. The Knowability of God

III. Relation of the Being and Attributes of God

IV. The Names of God

V. The Attributes of God in General

VI.The Incommunicable Attributes

VII. The Communicable

VIII. The Holy Trinity

The Works of God

I. The Divine Decrees in General

II. Predestination

III. Creation in General

IV. Creation of the Spiritual World

V. Creation of the World

VI. Providence

Part Two: The Doctrine of Man In Relation To God

Man In His Original State

I. The Origin of Man

II. The Constitutional Nature of Man

III. Man as the Image of God

IV. Man in the Covenant of Works

Man In The State of Sin

I. The Origin of Sin

II. The Essential Character of Sin

III. The Transmission of Sin

IV. Sin in the Life of the Human Race

V. The Punishment of Sin

Man In The Covenant Of Grace

I. Name and Concept of the Covenant

II The Covenant of Redemption

III. Nature of the Covenant of Grace

IV. The Dual Aspect of the Covenant

V. The Different Dispensations of the Covenant

Part Three: The Doctrine of The Person and The Work of Christ

The Person of Christ

I. The Doctrine of Christ in History

II The Names and Natures of Christ

III. The Unipersonality of Christ

The States of Christ

I. The State of Humiliation

II. The State of Exaltation

The Offices of Christ

I. Introduction; The Prophetic Office

II. The Priestly Office

III. The Cause and Necessity of the Atonement

IV. The Nature of the Atonement

V. Divergent Theories of the Atonement

VI.The Purpose and the Extent of the Atonement

VII. The Intercessory Work of Christ

VIII. The Kingly Office

Part Four: The Doctrine of The Application of The Work of Redemption

I. Soteriology in General

II. The Operations of the Holy Spirit in General

III. Common Grace

IV. The Mystical Union

V. Calling in General and External Calling

VI. Regeneration and Effectual Calling

VII. Conversion

VIII. Faith

IX. Justification

X. Sanctification

XI. Perseverance of the Saints

Part Five: The Doctrine of The Church and of The Means of Grace

The Church


I. Scriptural Names of the Church and the Doctrine of the Church in History

II. Nature of the Church

III. The Government of the Church

IV. The Power of the Church

The Means Of Grace

I. The Means of Grace in General

II. The Word as a Means of Grace

III. The Sacraments in General

IV. Christian Baptism

V. The Lord's Supper

Part Six: The Doctrine of The Last Things

Introductory Chapter

Individual Eschatology

I. Physical Death

II. The Immortality of the Soul

III. The Intermediate State

General Eschatology

I. The Second Coming of Christ

II. Millenial Views

III. The Resurrection of the Dead

IV. The Final Judgement.

V. The Final State




Louis Berkhof, Systematic Theology